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My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim APK is a appealing love tale simulation game, produced by Genius.

this really is a famous publisher of games that emulate love tales. The options impact the direction associated with the tale. Easily put, each option will trigger an alternate end, plus it will depend for you.

All Genius games have actually anime-style pictures. If you should be a fan of love anime films or you don’t have gf, try not to miss this video game. The video game makes it possible to experience love tales, you meet and speak to lovely 2D girls, … many things that are interesting waiting around for you to definitely learn.

The plot of My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is intimate but has a little bit mature quality singles dating site of a fantasy, unreal.

Have actually you ever really imagined that whenever you’re on the road house, there was clearly a voice that is groaning the park? You approach cautiously strange noises and also you meet an injured girl lying right prior to you. With anxiety and stress, you cautiously approach the lady, then she holds your hand and demands a request that is strange “Please offer me personally a number of your blood”. Then, you dropped unconscious.

This is a romantic love story of the main character at first glance, it looks like horror movies but in fact. Whenever you get up, you’re in sleep, convinced that yesterday evening ended up being only a fantasy. Every thing changes whenever you see a lady called Alice within the living room and eating donuts. Even though you might be an individual who isn’t noticed by any woman, there was a lady in your home. In the time that is same two classmates Merle and Seychelles – girls off their globe started initially to make an effort to get nearer to you. Yourself is now more interesting since that evening …


The lady you came across when you look at the family area ended up being Alice, a dragon that is tsundere by having a grumpy mindset and harsh terms simply to conceal her embarrassment and cuteness. And she had been the person that is same met that evening. To regain energy on her tribe, she had to fight the ruling gods associated with the demon globe. But she ended up being wounded within the war and dropped to the human being globe. Following the night you saving her, she made a decision to live with you. Very helpful information that she loves donuts because it is the first dish she enjoyed when in the human world for you is.

Seychelles, your classmate. Each and every day, as always, you may be swept into her globe but she’s a dragon abandoned by the tribe and chooses to go right to the human being globe and live just like a girl that is normal.

Finally, Merle is a sweet, clumsy and dragon that is cute. She discovers that Alice has dropped in to the human being globe and that she originates from the demon globe to bring her back. Even though the two were from various globes, she ended up being a dragon worshiping the god of comfort.

Consequently, she failed to think twice to hold out of the entrusted task of going towards the world that is human bring Alice straight right right back.

Select your gf

My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is really a harem anime design (which you yourself can be well-liked by numerous girls at the same time). The 3 girls off their globes all have crush for you and appearance ahead to being with you. Harem genre anime usually have an ending, that will be the feminine character selected by the male lead will never be revealed. But this video game is maybe not like this, you need to select one of these to end up being your gf. This is certainly additionally the selling point of the overall game that Genius has taken.

There are a few players just like the character Alice. Therefore do Merle and Seychelles. But it certainly won’t satisfy all players if it ends up opening a romance. Consequently, you are able to select a lady you feel like and love her soul among them, whom.

You can try Pocket Waifu, My Nurse Girlfriend if you are looking for some similar games.


My Dragon Girlfriend has great graphics that are anime-style. The 2D girls are created really cutely and stunning. Simply by searching you can guess their personality at them. Thus, you seek to act and understand their emotions after each and every visit. Besides, girls also provide exceptionally voices that are cute.


Nowadays, harem anime is not any complete stranger for you. I believe in addition would like to try the sensation of this primary character, the sensation to be noticed by many people stunning girls in the time that is same. Therefore, take to My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim now, the overall game assists you’ve got interesting experiences about dating.

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